(Click images to enlarge)September is in the books and it was the 10th warmest September on record in Youngstown and the warmest in 54 years!septhistoryHow was our September forecast, made on September 1? Good locally and not as good in other parts of the country (to be fair, we don't look at other parts of the country as much as the Valley!)Temperature forecast and what actually happened:SEPTFORECAST SEPTTEMPANOMRain:SEPTRAINFORECASTSEPTRAINANOMIt was certainly drier than we expected locally, although the rain at the end of the month made up some of the deficit.WHAT ABOUT OCTOBER?We are expecting October to be a more "typical" month in both the temperature and precipitation departments. That said, if the month ends up drier than average it would not be shocking.OCTRAIN OCTTEMPSOctober is a month in which our averages drop very quickly. By the end of the month, average highs are in the mid 50s and lows are in the 30s:OCTALMWe typically see our first frost and freeze during October. Average date of the first freeze is in the middle of the month._firstfrostmap-lgIt can and certainly HAS snowed in October! It happened as recently as 2 years ago. Other years with measurable snow (more than a trace):SNOWOCTWhen is the earliest that we have picked up our first inch of snow? Here's the list of earliest dates:1STINCHOf course, not only is October a month in which is cools off quickly, it is also a month in which the amount of daylight changes significantly as well. We lose an hour and 18 minutes of daylight this month.OCTSUNThanks for reading!